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Stock & Associates is a creative, technically accomplished, and committed group of professionals who have been working together since Bruce Stock started the company in 1996. Our open-plan office ensures easy communication between the many technical disciplines represented within our staff. With more decades of experience that we choose to count and hundreds of successful projects under our belts, this is the team with the demonstrated skills bring your project to fruition. We believe that good design informed by deep technical expertise can solve most challenges. Our team has extensive experience in a wide range of project types including, higher education facilities, research and development laboratories, corporate interiors, office buildings, and many residential projects. The scale can be as large as a corporate campus, or as small as a kitchen remodel. The breadth of our professional expertise helps create an intelligent balance between a project’s design quality, schedule, and budget. In short, we deliver projects of maximum value that are in tune with our client’s definition of success.

Meet Our Staff

Aaron Frease

Aaron Frease


Shelly Stock

Shelly Stock


Zain Bruhn

Zain Bruhn


Judy Hessler

Judy Hessler


Bruce Stock

Bruce Stock


Kerby Fleurine

Kerby Fleurine


Gabrielle Mote

Gabrielle Mote



“Working with Stock & Associates was a unique experience. They took the time to listen to our vision and used their expertise to pull it off. Bruce Stock has an extremely calming presence and was a great advisor and asset to the team. They have expertise in setting up a lab facility and are well-versed in de-mystifying the permitting process. I would certainly work with them again.”

Facilities Manager at a Seattle Biotechnology Company

“I have worked with Stock & Associates on many projects over the years. In March 2010, we completed a 110,000 sq. ft. lab/office space in Seattle — and the tenant is in love with the space. Their designs are creative, and they come up with cost effective solutions. They know what I’m looking for when assessing acquisitions and do due diligence. Our working relationship is tremendous, and I see us continuing to work together on many, many projects.”

Tim McBride, Former Vice President of Lab Services & Operations with AREE

“Stock & Associates is a thoughtful, creative, and fun company. They listen to their clients’ needs and desires and will work within your budget. They are a talented and professional group of people. I would highly recommend them for your next project big or small!”

Nell Sanger, Nell Studio, Inc.

“Wanted to take a minute to comment on the second floor joist system that was designed to be installed “floating” over the existing framing. The application went almost perfectly. It left the [client] with a largely undisturbed ceiling, and was a breeze to install. We have lots of room for plumbing too. Thank you for this excellent work.”

Jake Mead, General Contractor and President at Mead Contracting

“For me it’s not really a house, but an expression of love for my children. Who knows if any of them will ever live here, but [Stock & Associates] really captured the essence of what I had in my head (and went beyond that!).”

Brian Jones

“The primary goal of both remodels was to balance cost, functionality of space, and quality of materials. Basically the most difficult of balancing acts. Shelly and Bruce are honest and upfront about what things will likely cost at all stages of the architecture / design process. Their experience allows them to on-the-fly comment on architecture/design and materials, which allows quick and efficient trade-off discussions about where we want to spend money. They respected our budget, pushed in areas that they thought would better fit our style/motives, and knew when to call out where we could save.”

Rob and Sarah Morris

“I have worked extensively with Stock & Associates over the years, and they are at the top of the list. The level of detail and accuracy needed in preliminary space planning for my clients requires an expertise that few architectural firms have. They have the experience to do a quick assessment on how effectively a facility will accommodate laboratory requirements. Their entire team is talented, and they take pride in working within the high-technology arena. They have my full confidence.”

Bill Neil, Commercial Realtor

“…in the twenty-five years of my experience, Stock & Associates is far and away the best at these. They were well-organized in setting meetings to discuss our design goals, having both larger-picture meetings to hear from the end users as a whole, as well as smaller focused work-meetings to identify individual desires as well as possible design collisions—a certainty anytime one works with disparate groups on a large design.

Peter Robinson, Science Operations Manager at The Evergreen State College

“Love the basement! I never once doubted the capability of Shelly and the team to execute such a design. It was evident that quality rest at the forefront of their design. I would definitely recommend them to others and already have. Mostly dealt with Shelly and she was great to work with.”

Lisa Owen

“As a facilities consultant, I have worked on approximately 100,000 square feet in technical and manufacturing projects with Stock & Associates. Their teams are skilled in their attention to detail, especially with challenging technical systems. Not only are they capable of creating beautiful architectural designs that can meet FDA requirements, they are excellent at coordinating value engineering without compromising the customer’s needs. By integrating scientists and other technical personnel into the design process, they were able to create environments where they are happy to work. Stock & Associates truly knows how to balance function while enhancing the form.”

Glen Bodman, Owner at Bodman & Associates

“When I switched from Architecture to Architectural Engineering in school, I had no idea that I would be able to work with such talented architects and it has made my long-ago decision one of the best in my life. I have always been in awe of the high-quality design your firm produces and am glad I was able to be part of them. The highest praise I can think of is the loyalty you all have shown me through the years.

Jim Harris, Former Project Manager at PCS Structural Solutions

“Stock & Associates actually helped us pick out our Broadmoor home based on whether it would be good for a remodel. It was great having the team in one place, guiding me through the process of design, permitting, interiors, and subcontractor selection. They met my expectations in every way, and I would definitely hire them to do another project.”

Ralph Epling and Lisa Harstedt